The Companion System & CompanionMx

CompanionMx, Inc., is a digital health technology company with a proven platform for proactive mobile mental health monitoring for better clinical outcomes. Born out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab and clinically validated at Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals and multiple Veterans Affairs clinics, the Companion™ system uses active monitoring of voice and passive monitoring of other smartphone metadata to continuously produce acoustic and behavioral biomarkers that predict core symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders. The software has been used by more than 1,500 patients and scores of behavioral health care clinicians and researchers. CompanionMx, Inc., is a spinoff of Cogito Corp. For more information about the formation of CompanionMx, see our launch press release.

Piloted by Partners HealthCare and Harvard Medical School

In 2013, Companion™ technology was developed under contract with the Department of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA). In 2015, the Veterans Administration Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center implemented our first successful pilot study. An additional $3.5 million in funding came in the form of three Small Business Innovation Research awards from the NIMH to clinically validate the software system at two leading hospitals, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, members of Partners HealthCare network and Harvard Medical School teaching affiliates. Additional clinical research with these partners continues to this day including a new grant to work with the VA on suicide prevention.

Engineered for growth

The Companion™ solution includes a comprehensive feature set that enables additional platform expansion into telehealth and the ability to include additional capabilities for personalized safety planning, coping skills modules, problem solving, and stress reduction. It’s also capable of providing clinical scales and surveys to patients remotely. The Companion™ system is market ready for use in mood disorders.

“We start to learn people’s patterns,” according to a clinical social worker using Companion with her patients. “So, for instance, if this person is always an 98, 99, and now they suddenly became a 20, the question is, what happened?”
– The Boston Globe