How the Companion™ System Works

The Companion™ system has three key components:

The Companion™ App

For the Client

Securely records voice features and phone meta-data indicative of four digital biomarkers correlated with symptoms of mental health.

The Companion™ AI

For The Data

Converts data from the smartphone app and turns it into scores on four key dimensions: 1) depressed mood; 2) diminished interest; 3) avoidance; and 4) fatigue.

The Companion™ Dashboard

For the clinician

Displays clinically relevant data and trends from the cloud in a browser based window allowing mental health providers to make better clinical decisions.

Proven.   Proactive.   Predictive.

The Companion mental health monitoring system provides a new window into human emotion, cognition, and behavior.

Improve outcomes and lower costs of mental health care.

App Screenshots

“But when I get that sad face, it’s an important alert,” says one patient, who uses the Companion™ prompts as a reminder to do a three minute breathing exercise or take a walk. – The Boston Globe